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I was born in South Shields in England in 1981, but I now live in Cambridge. Since leaving school I have studied art at A-level, have an HND and a BA (Hons) in Illustration.

I was born deaf with Ushers Syndrome (which means my sight deteriorates over time), this results in tunnel vision and night blindness. I have always had an interest in drawing from a very early age. When I was a child I enjoyed cartoons and comics such as Superman, Thundercats and Transformers which copy in my drawings from a young age.

I spend much of my time alone and in that time I like to draw and do clay modelling. Growing up I watched many action films starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, which influenced my work and my life as I not only learned to draw muscles and tone in my characters bodies, but I worked out in my own gym.

At secondary school I was really good at art and sport. Because I am deaf I found subjects such as English and history difficult and instead of attending those subjects I was separated and put with other learning difficulties students where I spent my time drawing and working on my own characters and stories like in the comic books I had grown up with.

I love the work fantasy art work of Frank Frazetta but I also take my influences from video games, films, anime and many other artists. My own work and characters include heroes warriors, fantasy, skies, tree’s, godlike humans, and comical cartoons.

My work is very important to me and I am constantly drawing and creating new characters and stories.

I love Angels, and all different characters.  I like to imagine different characters like strong kind guardian angel and then express this in my art.  A lot of my art is Fantasy Art.


Lloyd McCullough

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26 year old


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Lloyd’s first film, created & directed by himself in 2011

I wanted to direct and star in my very own film. A great achievement for a deaf/blind person but I wanted to prove that I could do it. I went out by myself and held my old phone in my hand and made the film.  Its 8 minutes long so sorry to bore you all and I’m afraid that I took away all sound as I can’t hear. Please enjoy.

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